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Can Hypnosis Make You a Better Poker Player?

Hypnosis can definitely help you to become a better poker player.

  • Pre-tournament mental preparation
  • Building pre-game routines
  • Developing a winning mindset
  • Tilt control, stress and anger management
  • Improved self esteem and assurance
  • Positive attitude and motivation
  • Renewed focus and mental endurance
  • Mental conditioning to understand swings and variance
  • Improved psychological strength to overcome tough thinking opponents
  • Ability to spot warning signs for problem gambling

In fact, thousands of sports stars have used hypnosis to become champions in their field. It is not so surprising that poker players benefit from the techniques of hypnosis to improve their game. Poker requires focus, concentration, confidence, memory, strength of mind, discipline and strategy; it is the difference between winning and ...

The Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System is located at the base of the brain, among many functions, it receives incoming sensory information from your external world and filters and sorts out what is important  and meaningful  for you to pay attention to and sends a signal to your conscious brain for inspection, helping the senses from being overloaded by too much stimuli.

For example, say you buy a red car; you will probably notice red cars everywhere. Or in a noisy place and you are listening for your child’s voice, that voice will stand out among the background sounds.   It is considered to be a goal...

WHAT IS THE SCIENCE OF "DRIFTING OFF" TO SLEEP? In a waking state, our brains are very active: thoughts come at us rapid-fire. The conscious mind is technically called the BETA STATE, and brainwaves here, are high frequency. The trick is, to slow down our brainwaves at bedtime, and enter progressively slower brainwave states: the ALPHA STATE (meditative) the THETA STATE (dreamy) and finally the DELTA STATE (deep sleep.) Sometimes it’s difficult to access these deeper states, because our mind has a “gatekeeper” called the “CRITICAL FILTER,” which acts, in a sense, to “protect” our deeper levels of consciousness. One of the keys to opening that gate is communicating in the language of the subconscious. SYMBOLS: THE LANGUAGE OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS Hearing a detailed visual description of a physical place causes our subconscious to create a photo for itself, and including sounds, smells, makes it seem more...

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