Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold


THE LIVE WELL CD       Available at:  amazon | itunes

Learn To Relax and Take a More Positive Approach
To Get the Results You Want in Your Life

  Manage the Stress of Every Day Living Using the Following Strategies

Breathing Techniques
Conscious Thinking
Changing Negative Thought Patterns
Progressive Relaxation

Guided Imagery Interactive Experience

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Relax....Put everyday thoughts and responsibilities aside for a while.  The "Live Well" CD teaches you the steps to take that can help you relax and calmly manage your daily stress. - See more at: http://www.livewellseries.com/#sthash.s3uaRCf0.dpuf

....Janet Montgomery’s voice is very calming and reassuring. Montgomery is a modern day sage who utilizes timeless and invaluable techniques of 'As you think so shall you become....” 

                                                                           -Krista Hamel, Center on Aging, Arnold, MD


  " ....Janet's voice has perfect pitch and is easy to understand. You can hear her passion and confidence as she talks to you like a friend. The guided imagery is brilliant and the music is perfect!...."                                                 -Karen Langston, Nutritionist IamWorthit2.com Phoenix, AZ

    "...I have listened to many CD's promoting relaxation, stress reduction and guided imagery over the years. I was quite pleased with the results achieved with your CD. I listened to "Live Well" and felt extremely refreshed and relaxed afterward, as if I had taken a much needed nap. I felt that it produced an alpha-like state which was conducive to deep relaxation. I felt the instructions regarding breathing techniques and body relaxation were very effective. The guided imagery was different than most. It was better in allowing me to choose my own path for discovery and exploring solutions. Great CD!!!"                                                                           -Lisa Cannon, New York, NY